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Do you sometimes feel that every possible thing has been already invented? What else could there possibly be out there that is still left to do?
In this show about Inventions, we discuss current new trends on the market with young 14 year old guest Anas Shariff.
This was a pre-recorded show which was broadcasted on Thursday 8th Feb 2018. Catch up on the show below and find out more about the inventions we discuss!

Some inventions we discussed were:
1) Edible Spoons – made of wheat!
​2) Pup Scanner – A pen sized scanner that is able to upload scans with the touch of a button
​3) Muzo – Anti-vibration sound device that is about to create a force field around you to cancel out incoming sound but also create a force field for a private conversation
4) 3D glass printer uses sand, powered by solar panels
​5) Drive through Supermarket
6) NASA reinvented the wheel

We also talked about:

  • Dynamos
  • Power Stations
  • Waves
  • High Tech Alarm Systems – Contact me to find details of the company.
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • And Home Schooling!
  1. Edible Cutlery

2) Pup & 3) Muzo (as well as 3 other inventions)

4) 3D solar powered glass machine

5) Drive through supermarket

6) NASA reinvents the wheel