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Finally had a chance to upload the next show – it has been a busy few weeks! This was a pre-recorded a show with a different format – a science learning show where we discussed different aspects of science with our 3 amazing young guests; Inayat (13), Umar (11) & Yusuf (11). We explored their current topic of study on Animals, as well as discussing Lab Day dissections, Liquid Nitrogen and Electrostatics!
Show was aired on Thursday 25th Jan at 3pm on 93.5 Unity FM and repeated on Saturday 27th Jan at 2pm. Catch up audio is available below:

Oxolotl is the cool animal that can regenerate its’ limbs. Watch the video on the right on this amazing creature. Scientists are attempting to study this animal so they can find a way of humans being able to do the same if a limb requires amputation!