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Why does a car skid? In this show, I discuss the importance of Friction, what ice and rain affect how we drive. Friction doesn’t always just act backwards (centripetal force), and it can also act on objects which aren’t moving (static friction). The second part of the show we have guest Zain, a 3rd-year pharmacy student, join me for a discussion on science careers. 
This show was first broadcast on Thursday 22nd March 2018 from 3-5pm on 93.5 Unity FM
I seem to be missing the audio for the first part of this show on Friction & Circular Motion. When I find it, I shall add it below also.

Formula to calculate the centripetal force

When a car is going around a bend or a roundabout, r in the formula is the radius of the curvature, v is the velocity of the vehicle ad the F is the centripetal force which in this case is the friction between the tyres and the road, enabling the car to turn the bend!

Video shows circular motion in action vertically with a bucket of water!